a telescope for every neighbourhood

Our mission

Imagine looking up at sky on a clear night — something beautiful, unfamiliar, and perhaps even inexplicable —- that feeling of admiration, awe, and wonder. When was the last time you looked at the stars, the craters of the moon, or the rings of Saturn?
#Popscope is an urban movement that aims to reconnect diverse communities to the night sky and to each other by hosting free, “pop-up” astronomy nights in public spaces. For thousands of years, the night sky has inspired and brought people and communities together. We hope to bring people together for many more.
Stay curious.

Many cities are divided along ethnic and class lines, with few opportunities for people of different backgrounds to interact and learn from one another. We don’t always know our neighbors and won’t all participate politically. What’s wrong with civic engagement today?
Not every urban resident has a telescope. Not every student has an equal chance at becoming an astronaut or astrophysicist. What is the problem in STEM education?
Our urban public spaces can be sites for recreational, physical, or educational activities open to all. What are we doing wrong?

  • We connect people to each other, in-person and through social media.

  • We educate diverse communities about science and astronomy.

  • We are re-thinking how public spaces are used and allocated.

We strongly believe that community programming must be sustained over time.This is why collaboration with more established organizations is so important to us. We want to work with others in having a more lasting impact.