Kyla “Wows” Students with the Moon!

The following post from is from Kyla, our enthusiastic Ottawa #popscope volunteer who teaches at Assumption Elementary in Vanier, Ontario.

Last week the moon was out early in the school day. You might think it wouldn’t be worth getting the telescope out to check it out, but the students at Assumption Elementary in located in Vanier, Ontario, would disagree. Students patiently lined up to check out the moon up close. Their reactions were exciting to witness (“WOW!”) and their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning. For most of our students, this was their first glimpse through a telescope and to say that they were excited would be an understatement! I am now known as the “telescope teacher” to our young students.

All day, they kept coming up to me and asking questions about the moon. “Why can we see it during the day now?” “How much money do you need to buy a telescope?” “When can we look
at the moon again?” Even the parents were chatting about it with their children after school. One parent even offered to share some Aboriginal oral stories about sister moon and brother sun with us. It’s amazing how one experience has brought out school community closer together.


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