Using Urban Astronomy to Start Community Conversations

By Isaac Lief on September 11, 2016 In June of this year, I headed out to the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant (known as Bed-Stuy) as a member of NYC #popscope. #popscope stands for “pop-up” telescope. We set up our telescopes in different neighborhoods and invite the public to check out the night sky. It’s about Read more about Using Urban Astronomy to Start Community Conversations[…]

Kyla “Wows” Students with the Moon!

The following post from is from Kyla, our enthusiastic Ottawa #popscope volunteer who teaches at Assumption Elementary in Vanier, Ontario. Last week the moon was out early in the school day. You might think it wouldn’t be worth getting the telescope out to check it out, but the students at Assumption Elementary in located in Read more about Kyla “Wows” Students with the Moon![…]

The stars can still inspire us…even in light-polluted Chicago

I was moved by Scott Stantis’  full-page comic in the Chicago Tribune, “Growing Up Under a Starless Sky” (July 15, 2015) on the things big-city Chicago takes from its residents: “Innocence. Safety. Hope.” and a clear view of the starry night sky. As Stantis points out in his simple but poignant figures, we lose more to Read more about The stars can still inspire us…even in light-polluted Chicago[…]

Swords to Telescopes

Originally published: Saturday, August 23, 2014 by Michael O’Shea Astronomy can be political. That glowing blue dot below is Earth, in an image taken by the @CassiniSaturn probe, some 900 miles away in Saturn’s orbit. This blue dot, the only planet we know that supports life, represents the sum of all our human experiences in our species’ existence: Read more about Swords to Telescopes[…]